Desire of tradition

Dame à la Licorne

[The Lady and the Unicorn]

The famous Aubusson tapestry of the Middle Ages, The Lady and the Unicorn, inspired this design. The six feelings, represented on the dinner service and gift objects through the six scenes, will delight the lovers of culture and history.

Songes du XVIIIe

[Dreams of the XVIII century]

Inspired by the paintings on the ceiling of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris, the rich and precious decor showcases the garlands of flowers, the wise monkeys, the arabesques and the beautiful birds of the paradise.


The very spirit of the ‘chic village’ inspired this great design and eternal classic by Deshoulières… The motifs of the fruits’ picking and a walk in the vineyards decorate this collection recalling the sweet memories of summer.

Passion Platine

[Platinum Passion]

The delicate, ton on the ton, relief together with the platinum edge create the perfect pattern for your romantic table.

Dhara Bleu

[Dhara in blue]

Dhara bleu, new look for this steeped in history design. The shades of blue, popular in the Indo-Persian ornaments, here are enhanced by the bright platinum. The mystery and the magic of starry nights accomplish the dinner service.



Inspired by decorations from the Saadi poems’ manuscript from the early XVII century, the collection recalls the shades of the finest saris in Punjab and Kashmir. The colors are finely partitioned with a black net, the traditional carpets' ornament from India and the Middle East. The matte gold enhances the elegant design.

Versailles Platine

[Versailles Platinum]

The delicate platinum edge and the diamond relief make Versailles Platinum the perfect collection for your festive dinners.


Grace and simplicity of this collection with colourful edges fringed of platinum.


Distinction of this hand-painted service in shades of gold and platinum.

Athos Or & Platine

[Athos Gold & Platinum]

Enhanced twists of platinum or genuine gold highlight the edge of the porcelain, recalling the art of the Greek ornament.

Royal Trianon Or & Platine

[Royal Trianon Gold & Platinum]

The luxurious decor with the relief of gold or platinum. The gorgeous dinner service, where flowers and leaves of Acanthus interweave and sparkle like the jewels on a crown.


This collection with the rich and luxurious decor will sublimate your feast by the delicate golden reflections.


Golden finery, luxurious decor and precious ornaments for your splendid ceremonies.


The platinum ornament, as the synonym of the timeless elegance, will decorate your table as with the jewels.


Outstanding as the porcelain! Luxurious pattern, the mark of excellence and tradition, this table service seems to be drawn from precious silks.

Louisiane Blanc & Taupe

The name that gives the birth to the dream, the one of Jazz and New Orleans… The relief inspired by the architecture of the planters’ residences, creates the pattern that wisely plays with the light and perfectly fits with natural shades of gray and white.


The collection with the evocative name, where the geometry and the curves meet the avant-garde style and the Art Deco inspiration.