La maison Deshoulières

Founded in 1826, Deshoulières is the leading French porcelain manufacturer, the specialist in tableware products. Inspired by fashion and interior design trends, Deshoulières embodies the true and elegant spirit of the French Art of the Table.
100% Made in France

Deshoulières has more than 280 employees and operates 3 modern high-performance manufacturing plants located in France: in Limoges, Poitiers and Foëcy. The use of superior-quality raw materials combined with advanced technology and passion of the production team, allows us to perpetuate authentic and legendary techniques and offer a wide range of products: from white Limoges porcelain to colorful items, outstanding custom made pieces and specific patterns enriched with platinum or gold.

Proud to be 100% manufactured on the French mainland, Deshoulières obtained the prestigious “Origine France Garantie” (Guaranteed French Origin) label as the acknowledgment of our commitments and French industrial and artisan know-how.

Deshoulières was awarded the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (Living Heritage Company) label, the French State recognition mark, to honor our excellence in mastering the traditional crafts and technically advanced industrial processes.

Respect for the nature

Our porcelain is 100% ecological and produced from chemical-free minerals: kaolin, clay, sand, feldspar and chalk. It is fired in kilns specially equipped to reduce gas consumption and fully complying with the strictest international regulations, that assures the maximum durability of our products and the great resistance to thermal and mechanical shock.

Our group takes part in the VEE: Watch Environment Enterprise, conducting monthly internal checks and reporting on the means and obligations we pursue to enhance the protection of the environment.

We treat and recycle all eventual production waste. Since 2011 Deshoulières is engaged in the execution of the complete Carbon Footprint.